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The Computer Center serves as an exclusive laboratory for the entire school. There are separate laboratories for all departments, and a 1:1 student-to-computer ratio is maintained starting from the high school level. Each center operates numerous personal computers and provides hands-on services daily and is equipped with facilities for networking, Internet and multi-media complete with licensed state-of-the-art programming and application software. Full-time instructors are available to assist the students.



Warning : Use of Computer Communications and of the Internet reflects the values that St. Louis College Valenzuela cherishes to the Global Computing Community. Violation of any of these rules will be met with severe penalty.


1. Use the Internet in the computer laboratories except under classes with Internet Hands-on or as scheduled under Free Time. Library computer use is first-come-first-served but there are limits to length of use and subject to the provisions below.

2. Do anything illegal, directly or indirectly, or anything that adversely affects the Service Providers’ legal interests.

3. Tamper with other accounts, or commit unauthorized intrusion into any part of Service Providers’ machines, files or accounts or intrude without authorization into any other system (cracking).

4. Use Service Providers’ services not included in your subscription or devise ways to circumvent security so you have access to services you haven’t paid for (theft of services).

5. Use the system (willfully or negligently) in a manner that encumbers disk space, processors or other system resources so as to interfere with others’ normal use of services on our Service Providers or on other systems (A “denial of services” attack).

6. Create or participate in chain letters, pyramid schemes, or use another's account or identity without prior authorization.

7. Harass users (on our Service Providers or elsewhere). Sending email or real-time messages to a user who asked explicitly and unambiguously asks that you not do this, is harassment.

8. Participate in any “Chat” groups.

9. Visit or download from any site or files with a “For Adults Only” warning or which violates Philippine laws and DEPED or CHED guidelines on decency and morality.

10. Create nor transmit any destructive or radical programs or data including viruses, trojan horses, macro viruses, spikes, malware, or phishing links.

11. Download shareware/freeware or data nor edit them in lieu of your assigned work or projects.

12. Spam the net with commercial or non-commercial postings. A "spam" e-mail is generally defined as an unsolicited mailing, usually to many people.

13. Share your account or login passwords with others nor edit movie and graphics files without authorization.

14. Encourage fights in online discussions nor participate in them (Trolling and Flaming).

15. Forget that bringing of personal expensive, unauthorized electronic devices is prohibited. You do so at your own risk.

16. Forget that accounts are mirror images of yourself. Your name and other personal information can be used against you. Another person can pretend to be you. Keep your information as secure as possible. This is especially so for social media.

17. Forget that digital data merely represent colored dots on a screen. Avoid taking, posting, or uploading anything easily retouchable that may put yourself or your school in a compromising or embarrassing position.

18. Behave or communicate in any manner inimical to the interests and/or values of SLCV.

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