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Institute of Christian Formation

The Institute of Christian Formation provides the students of St. Louis College Valenzuela with moral and spiritual guidance essential to living a Christian life. The school believes that education should help develop a student's entire being, covering mind, action and soul. Thus, it is a duty of the school to inculcate Christian doctrine, values and virtues in a student’s daily life.

The development of each student as Christians is done through classroom teaching and also through day-to-day activities. At St. Louis College Valenzuela, students and teachers pray before and after classes and assemblies. This includes praying the Angelus at noon. All members of the school community are encouraged to visit the chapel for prayers, reflection, bible reading and other religious services.

The Institute of Christian Formation offers Holy Mass for the school community at the beginning of the school year, and during first Fridays. The institute also conducts recollections and retreats each school year.

Students are also encouraged to practice the sacrament of reconciliation which is offered regularly. Special masses and other religious celebrations are offered during special school events, including the Feast of St. Louis (Aloysius Gonzaga) on June 21 and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8.

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